If your little ones love technologies to assemble and disassemble things once and again, this project will be perfect for them. We are talking about Thimble, this idea tries to bring an electronics project to help them to learn everything about the functioning of these devices. Furthermore, they can develop their creativity while they create their own versions. We love educational toys!

To those of you who think that science and electronics are really difficult, this kit can look complicated at first sight. However, we have good news, this kit is completed with detailed assembly instructions and there is a community to watch tutorials and ask your questions to help and be helped by other users. Nowadays, technology is an easy way to learn lots of thing so we must take advantage of it!


The first kit launched by this project (to get the necessary funds required by its performance) is a robot with a simple structure which works with an App. This kit contains the pieces to assemble the robot step by step and while you are doing it you can also get some inspiration from online tutorials.

On the other hand, in mobile phones and Apps times, it must exist an App to control this robot. Nevertheless, it’s not as simple as downloading it, they must learn to programme it to get a robot that follows their instructions.


There is no doubt that they are going to learn lots of things with this electronics game. In addition, their creativity will be increased with this kind of games which will help them to learn how these devices work. You can improve their skills in a simple way. Thimble sends a different kit every month so children will be entertained and looking forward to that new project.


Via wwwhatsnew