This eco-friendly brand -founded in 2013 -offers a huge choice of modern home accessories made of bamboo. As they mention in their presentation, this shop mixes “modern aesthetics and local craftsmanship to sustain artisanal communities”. The brand’s selection includes more than 350 sustainable and stylish products for every space of your home.

What Can You Find? 

As we mentioned above, you can find everything for your home: kitchen (bowls, plates, coupes…), deco (wall decor, lighting, furniture…), kids (toys, organisers, dishware…), gifts… all of them are included in different collections like Bambino Collection Biobu, Gusto Collection Biobu or Ekobo Handmade. The company has four brands: Biobu, Ekobo Ecology & Desing  Rekobo and 3D Wall decor. They also rely on different designers like Boo Louis, Adrien Lassalmonie or Elisabeth Diakite among others.

We are in love with every single piece. Colour, fun and design are mixed to fill every space of eco-friendly joy. Kids will love their cool accessories and having lunch will become a game. Furthermore, their characteristic products will provide lots of character to every corner, turning it into a special one.


Bamboo is the star product here. It´s trendy, it’s renewable and, of course it’s eco-friendly!! Just advantages! We love it!


They offer a blog- Ekoblog- plenty of trends where you can also find some interesting discounts and know more about this amazing brand