As you know, I’m a huge fan of Pico Pao and their collection Ludus Ludi.  Their playthings are an invitation to play without rules, build and experiment, and they are designed for both little and adults. 

Today I want to show you El balancín (seesaw). This game is based on two of the most basic play activities known: stacking and balancing. Both possibilities –standing up or falling over– can be equally exciting.

The wooden pieces are of seemingly arbitrary shapes such as you might find around a carpenter’s workbench: 25 black and grey pieces and 12 cylinders. You can build with them so many things as you can imagine. Maybe you’ll be able to give the result a name (car, person…) or not.

Let your imagination run free and build, with great care, something. Take inspiration from these examples:



Avail­able inter­na­tion­ally, all Ludus Ludi toys are designed and produced by the Pico Pao work­shop in a small village in Spain.

+info: Ludus Ludi