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Elena Shumilova is a Russian woman, mother of two children, who works as an illustrator and a painter and who lives in the small town of Andreapol, in Russia. In 2012, Elena started to practice with her first reflex camera. Who could have imagined at this time that shortly after her photos ran on the website leaving websurfers amazed? She surely didn’t expect it to become so relevant.

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Elena’s children, pets and farm animals have the leading role in her photos, being this farm the environment where they are taken. Like so many parents, acquiring her first professional camera provoked her the need of photographing her children’s growth without missing any detail, although she never imagined the subsequent impact her photos would have.

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This mother loves taking photos without flash and she only counts with environmental light, weather conditions, season or time of the day provided. So Elena herself says that she takes some photos during the day and, at night, when everything is calm, she processes and treats them. The result is some magical and emotional photos showing the connection and mutual love between Yaroslav and Vanya —Elena’s children— and their animals, and their daily life in a lovely rural background. In short, her collection of photos evokes magic and fantasy and releases feelings of nostalgia and affection, thanks to the spectacular use of light and the careful composition. If you still don’t know Elena Shumilova’ photos, you simply can’t miss them! You will love them!

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