Sarah and Elton are the founders of this amazing brand. They have always wanted to create something to turn the world into a better place for disadvantaged people so they left their Jobs and founded Ellie Fun Day, a company whose main purpose is helping people to get a better life in a fair world. They travelled around India in order to find the most suitable partners to turn their dream into a reality. Now Ellie Fun Day helps real people to survive in a dignified way.

What Can You Find?

Their main product are baby blankets but we can also find accessories, swaddles or gifts, all of them are the result of fair trade and are made of organic materials which guarantee the respect for environment.

Their designs are simple, timeless and really cute. They are suitable for every kind of parents because of their elegance and quality.

Marginalized women play an important role in all these products while they get a fair wage to survive in a country where this is not the most common situation, specially for girls.


They remind the importance of blankets for kids on their site so we could this is their star product. Quality blankets made of natural materials plenty of those feelings the founders experienced when their were kids, al the love, al the thrill, all their hearts are used  to wrap your baby.


This is a very personal brand. They even tell you the story of every single member of the team (childhood pictures included). It´s so tender that you will soon fall in love with them!