If we mention that the motto of this brand is “big differences for small people” we may have a crystal clear idea of their intention: provide our babies with lovely designer products that make our little ones a bit more special (if possible).  Their impeccable image shows a quality group that wants to bring design to every step of the baby’s daily life turning baby stuff into a fashion accessorize

What Can You Find? 

They offer every kind of designer accessories for babies. Their website includes several categories like Baby gear (blankets, dummies, bibs, bottles…), Stroller stuff (stroller bags, diaper bags, rain covers…), Home collection ( bedding sets for cribs, sleeping bags, hooded towels, play mats…) and Strollers. Every single product shows an amazing design that will make you fall in love with them. Design is not only for kids but for parents who enjoy lovely things around their children. They always trend to look something special and original for them and this is the perfect website for this purpose.


Design, design and  design. This is the key. All their stuff is simply creative, funny and different this is why this brand has got as much success, if you visit your website you will understand it. Their products are the result of a lot of creative work that has been mixed with an amazing taste.


Elodie Details’ products are sold through retailers in 35 different countries on all 5 continents, from El Salvador to New Zeeland.