A family clothing brand created in 2010 by Céline and Delphine, two taylor’s children who have developed their career around kids’ fashion. They wanted to create special clothes for happy moments like birthdays, holidays or weekends, however, the quality and design of their garments have made them suitable for daily life. Comfort is a must for this playful and funny brand plenty of childish magic, colour and joy.

What Can You Find?

They offer clothing collections for kids between 3 months and 14 years. They include all the styles and trends they love, “retro basics inspire don folk, rock and romantic trends”. Every piece of clothes has their own charm and can be easily combined to create a special outfit which shows their own personality.

We have mentioned confort but elegance is another ingredient for this successful recipe, a soft French touch is present in these funny clothes specially designed for kids.

Natural fabrics, cool colours and lots of humour…You get it!


Elegant and funny personal style which dresses every kid in a special way to wrap their magic childhood with original and different clothes. Émile et Ida invites them to dream in a colourful world of lovely designs.


You have to check their accesories collection. It includes everything from bags to stationery and all of them are as cute as their clothes, we cross our heart! Don´t miss it!