BODIE and FOU is an online shop specialized in decoration, run by Elodie and Karine Kong. This concept shop offers carefully selected products, provides chic and stylish home décor. These French sisters really love the mix of contemporary and vintage treasures, the combination of white, wood and linen. They know how to get a modern, relaxed and charming atmosphere.

Furthermore, Karine and her brother, François, are responsible for the styling and the photography of their wonderful catalogs. Those pictures make us dream! Textures, colours, some kind of industrial touch and their great graphic creations produce an own and recognizable style.

Here you are some photos of Enchanting, their new kids’ collection. Enjoy them!


BODIE and FOU’s products use to be made of natural materials such as linen, wood, raffia…The teepee (pictured above) is made of vintage fabric and wood and is suitable to every décor style.

You can also see some of their children’s best sellers like those lovely Pigmée dolls, the White Rabbit lamp or the famous Bob & Blossom tutu. In this case, you can see the tutu in grey, but there are several available colours. BODIE and FOU has really gorgeous gifts for kids!


Those raffia baskets are really multifunctional. Use them to store toys, as laundry baskets or you can use it as planters. Take a look at those paper stars! They fill every corner with magic.


One of their novelties is the Make a Doll Kit made by Naked Lunge (produced in exclusive for BODIE and FOU). Its illustrations are funny and elegant at the same time. This kit can be a wonderful present for creative kids this Christmas.

After taking a look at these pictures, I feel like painting all my home in white and adding some personal details. What about you?

Styling: Karine Köng, Photography: François Köng

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