Here are toys that tell stories of childhood, about the enormous trees with birds in the shady forest, the scent of the summer, the sun, the heat, the smell of the water. Stories about some special places of Hungary explained through toys.

Today we introduce you to delicious playthings about two places that are full of tales: the hills around Budapest and the Lake Balaton.

Anna Nóra Nagy, Emese Berán and Nóra Garbai have created delicate, evocative toys and accessories that teach children about the world around them, helping them endear the surrounding animals and plants, buildings and vehicles.

Let’s go for a trip to the forests around Budapest and the largest lake of Hungary!



The hillsides forest set – Construction toy and role play – This game develops the imagination of children while they can learn about the wildlife around them


Birds of the hillside – The most beautiful petanque we have seen. It is composed of  wooden eggs of 7 birds living in the forests near Budapest. Throw the eggs and good luck!


Mushroom spin tops – Parasol, Champignon and Gambosa are three fun spinning mushrooms. Investigate which one can spin the longest!  And don’t miss out the Floating spin tops, they are amusing too!


Balaton Uplands blocks – Build your own small town with the typical architecture of the surrounding villages of Lake Balaton. Add 6 peculiar shaped mountains with trees around it


Fishing at Balaton – You can find everything you need for fishing in this bag. Put the fishing bag on your shoulder and your are ready to go fishing!

Pictured at top: The fishes of Balaton.  Learn about the fishes of Lake Balaton, and create unique species with this magnetic fish jigsaw puzzle.

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