It’s time to draw on the walls. Let your imagination run free. Get creative, experiment and have fun!

Today we show you a creative wall decal with whimsical frames invites your child to doodle and draw on a whim. These wall decals from Plaeful are a fun way to foster your child’s creativity and imagination.

And the best part: you can erase and start all over again, so kids can create as many illustrations as they want!

Erasable Frames Wall Decal (1)Erasable Frames Wall Decal (4)

Use with washable or wet erase markers. Simply wipe off with a damp cloth to remove and draw over. Comes with peel and stick backing to hang on the wall, or use the 4 removable sticky tabs included and keep backing intact.

Erasable Frames Wall Decal (8)Erasable Frames Wall Decal (6) Erasable Frames Wall Decal (9)

You can use them in a variety of ways. For example, you can tap up notes, photos or cards on them to turn them into a colourful board. They’re perfect for birthday parties or special events. Have each child draw or write a special message to the birthday child!Erasable Frames Wall Decal (2)

These wall decals are fun and practical, don’t you think?

+info: Plaeful