Some time ago we showed you the coolest playhouses for your kids. Today will bring you a wonderful modern playhouse design plenty of details. It is inspired by treehouses with playing areas at the top but also with a look of designer loft. Do you want to know more about it?

Everything in this house has been created to offer lots of funny hours! To go up, they have to climb a web that can also be used to go down but the best way to do that is using the posts like in a fire station. These are only a pair of details of this complete psychomotricity!



There’s a lot of space inside the house and also enormous windows to enjoy sights and the amazing light. There are two floors, one to take their games and another one with a desk and wonderful sights to get inspirations. It offers everything: Physical games and also activities to wake up their imagination.


The stairs take you to the top floor and there’s also a stainless steel slide with a funny curve because all we know they love the emotion provided by slides. It’s like their own amusement park and also a refuge to play according their own rules.

Not everybody can afford this kind of playhouses but dreams are free so we can use it as an inspiration source to create something similar. Ideas like slides, webs and posts are simple and provide them lots of fun. We have simply fallen in love with them!

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