So far in the Petit and Small colour series we have looked at how to use green and yellow in children’s spaces. Today we are looking at the best ways of using red in a kids room.

Red is known to be a warm colour. It has the ability to make a space feel cozy, cocooning and warm. It is a colour associated with extremes of both good and bad emotions. Passion or anger, warning or celebration for instance. However red is also a colour that can have a number of physical effects on people.  Such as raising pulse and blood pressure. It is also thought to stimulate appetite, energy levels and positivity. As a result red is not often a colour used within a bedroom. Particularly in a nursery or child’s bedroom, when we are trying to encourage calm and sleep!

Touches of red.

However if your child loves red and wants a red bedroom, then there are ways in which you can use the colour very effectively. The key is to use red accents rather than using large quantities of red.

Whether you choose a painted bed, feature artwork or just a red cushion. Even the smallest touch of red can lift a room beautifully. The colour pops boldly when added to white, neutral or even dark backgrounds. A little bit of red goes a long way in making a room interesting.

Red and bold!

However if you prefer a bold, dramatic look then break the rules and go all out for red! Here are a some great examples of kids rooms that use more than just accents of red.

Whether you add just a touch of red, or go all out and paint the entire room red.  Red definitely adds a warm, bold touch making it a very welcome colour in use in kids room.

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