The Belgian designers from  Van Staeyen Interieur really know how to create a fantastic little kingdom for our little ones. They have transformed the attic into a great shared bedroom with its own play area. Space is divided into two atmospheres by a cubicle covering everything from the ceiling to the floor.  There are two beds at the bottom of the cubicle and two desks on both sides of the space.


The upper part is the play area,  the perfect refuge for kids. There, they can dream and imagine lots of fantastic adventures! It can be turned into a house, a castle, a fort or whatever their games require! These funny windows with different shapes add a playful touch, don’t you think? The stairs will also play an important role in their wonderful stories!


We really like that clear style with light wood, white and yellow! A playful, design that makes us fall in love with every detail.

In addition, storage is also considered as kids usually have a lot of stuff to keep: books, toys, clothes…this will not be a problem as there are nice wardrobes which are perfectly integrated with the design.


In spite of being an attic, usually dark and cold, everything is full of light and home warmth that makes us feel comfort and well-being. They will simply want to stay there forever (just as us)!

Do you dare to create one of those dream atmospheres for your children? Get some inspiration and be surprised by the amazing results!

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