Love this large magnetic flamingo set by Fu. Fo!

Well, the Summer holidays are here at last, and all I can say is, thank goodness! Like many of you, we’re experiencing a heat wave in the South of France right now, and our pace of life has slowed down quite considerably. Walking to and from school in the soaring temperatures has been difficult, so we’re all thankful for our pool, air-conditioning and ice cream when we get home!

As we’ll be spending the first couple of weeks here this Summer, I’ve been looking for some interesting activities to occupy my youngest son Miles when if he starts to get bored. Siestas are compulsory in our house and when we wake up, I try to spend some quality time with my kids doing something creative.

Graphic Mobile Kit by Fu. Fo

Ice Cool Baby! Fu. Fo’s penguins and igloos look great at any time of year.

You’re never too old to play (or nap!) and that’s exactly why I have chosen to share a few examples of work by a new exciting brand called Fu. Fo. After browsing their bright, colourful site, I am convinced that the team behind Fu. Fo believe very strongly in the power of play and love making creative activities for children.

Let’s get creative with dots – Fu. Fo’s bumper box of magnetic disks has 240 of them!

What a brilliant crafty gift this box of magnetic disks would make!

As you can see, all of Lenka Křůpalová’s toy designs are striking! I had a hard time trying to choose just a small selection of favourites today because I think they all look so good – really!

Paper is one of the simplest, most versatile materials for toy-making. It’s never boring though! Lenka has used it throughout her product catalogue, designing stimulating craft kits for parents and kids to work on together. I love the spotty-dotty leitmotif, especially in her big magnetic animal sets (of course, the flamingo’s fantastic but do take a peek at the cheetah, ant eater, elephant …!) and the huge box of coloured magnetic disks.

Socks galore ! Find the matching pair in Fu. Fo’s fun game

Fu. Fo puts a modern spin on the classic optical illusion toy

Socks galore ! Find the matching pair in Fu. Fo’s fun game . Fu. Fo puts a modern spin on the classic optical illusion toy

Fu. Fo’s toys and games are definitely classics (love the Victorian thaumatrope set teaching children how to create an optical illusion and the pair card games). They’re modern, graphic, stimulating and educational ––perfect for an indoor or outdoor crafting session this Summer. Lenka’s strong visuals certainly made me look twice, and I would love to see this young brand’s products in more homes and shops around the world!
Have fun!

Dominos never go out of style and we love Fu. Fo’s eye-catching designs!

Dominos never go out of style and we love Fu. Fo’s eye-catching designs!

For more information about  Fu. Fo’s products and pricing, please check out their inspiring website (the blog is great!) and social network presence or shoot them an email. Oh, and don’t be put off by the language barrier – online translation tools like Google Translation are there to help you, even if images usually  speak louder than words…