Teresa Bellón’s illustrations are plenty of colour and creativity

There are lots of cute and different prints…choosing is really difficult! I have been checking out the Menudos cuadros online shop and I have made a random selection. What do you think?


Pablo Pintachán has a very defined and funny style


If you fell in love with Nuria Díez’s foxy, you will also love this punk super hero!


The two available prints by Ekaterina Trukham are gorgeous and suitable for kids’ bedrooms


Whoopee! That’s how Susana Rodríguez explains the children’s world


Sara Infante designed from her city, Lisboa, a gang of animals that are recognized as a good luck symbol all over the World. This will turn their bedrooms into happiness refuge!

We will keep walking around this  little art gallery that we really love! You know that all of these products are available with or without frame (and passépartout).

+info: Menudos Cuadros