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When it comes to kids’ rooms, storage is key. Kids have so much stuff! Clothes, toys, books and bits and pieces they have found — and want to keep — whilst out and about on their daily adventures. The challenge is keeping it neat and tidy.

Today we are exploring our favourite storage pieces for children, as well as sharing one or two space-saving tips for your little one’s room.

Storage Bags

In our opinion, you can never have too many of these! Lightweight and easy to fold and store if empty but large enough when expanded to store away toys, laundry, shoes, clothes… you name it! And the good news is, they come in so many bright and beautiful colours. We LOVE these Australian storage bags available at In My Hood (pictured above and below). From striking monochrome to royal blue and mint, and coming in a range of practical sizes, they will add a splash of colour to any room of the

These amazing drawstring storage bags by Play Pouch (below) have solved the age-old lego dilemma! Simply lie the bag flat to use as a play mat, then pull the drawstrings to close it shut and hang it from the wall, hook or door handle. Originally from Australia, they are soon to be available in Europe too:



Image Credit: Velveteen Babies


MUMMY-DADDY-MEImage Credit: Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three

Shelves are a practical and fun way to display books, toys and gadgets whilst taking up minimal space in the room. Moreover, displaying favourite books ‘face first’ by their cover (as shown above) adds a colourful, decorative feature to your child’s wall. After all, why hide away all those beautiful illustrations?

These days, shelves come in all shapes and sizes, and these house and teepee shelves showed below make an adorable home for all those little treasures and keepsakes that might otherwise get lost in the toy box!


Image Credit: You May Love It


Image Credit: White Fox Styling

And finally, if you have a chimney breast or fireplace in the room, make sure you make use of the alcoves either side! The built-in bespoke shelving below doubles up as a bedside table AND storage space:


Image Credit: Bobby Rabbit

The Bed


Image Credit: Vtwonen

Beds can take up a lot of room, so if you have an awkward roof line, why not consider a built-in bed? Snug and cosy, whilst freeing up plenty of space in the rest of the room for playing!


Image Credit: Gwentibold


Image Credit: BigenBelg on Instagram

So, in summary, think about how to maximise the space in your child’s room. Consider the type of bed (and where it fits in the room). Think about shelving. Remember to make use of under-bed storage (and this doesn’t always mean boxes, as shown in the image below).

And last but not least, make sure you have plenty of storage bags, baskets and boxes on hand for all those toys! You never know, they might just encourage a little bit of tidy up time at the end of a hard day’s play.


Image Credit: Chloe Uberkid on Instagram

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