The Danish home décor brand ferm LIVING has just launched the new Spring / Summer 2017 Kids collection called ‘Childish Tales’ which celebrates children’s creativity.

“Sparkles, balloons and games in shimmering sceneries. The Ferm Living Kids Spring/Summer 2017 Collection tells tales of whimsical parties, playtime by the seaside and magical dreams. They are stories that reveal the special childish creativity that unfolds when the setting is right”.

This brand draws on the Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm. For ferm LIVING, simplicity, a subtle palette of colours, and a graphic edge are the perfect base for the little ones to unfold their imagination.

ferm LIVING SS17 Furniture: Little Architect Series


We have good news! ferm LIVING has added a new kid’s furniture series, called Little Architect. It includes a table, chairs, a bench and desk in five different colours — dark green, Bordeaux, dark blue, grey and rose — that match so that you can mix them all together for a playful look.

These modern, stylish furniture pieces are made out of ash veneers and stand out by their simple and clean lines. You can attach a pocket to hold crayons, markers, stickers and secrets. A beautiful and functional idea!


ferm LIVING SS17: Textiles

Green Little Architect Bench Ferm Living ss17

In the new series of textiles, ferm LIVING has explored new textures, as you can see at the Popcorn cushions. You can also find new patterns for the bedding (Swan, Party and Seaside) and a new line in plain colours: Hush, for your children to sleep like a baby.

Swan Bedding

The different lines and patterns are easily combinable. Mix the Popcorn cushions and a bed linen set and create your own look.

party bedding ferm living ss17

ferm LIVING SS17 : Wallpapers

grey Popcorn Round Cushion Ferm Living ss17

The ferm LIVING SS17 Kids collection introduce two new wallpapers: Swan and Terrazzo. Swan is subtle and tender, perfect for a nursery or for creating a romantic nook in your home. The second one is vibrant and colourful, reflecting the classic aesthetics of a terrazzo floor mixing colours and natural shapes.

Little Architect Bench Ferm Living ss17

ferm LIVING SS17: Accessories


You have a huge range of décor accessories to choose: bean, bags, kids growth charges, pram chains… Our favourites are the Braided Lampshade, made of twined paper, and the ABC Wall Deco, ideal for adding a touch of colour to any room.

ABC Wall Deco

But you can also add playful vibes to your children’s space with the new Rabbit Mirror. It has two leather ears that you can move around and create the sweetest animal to hang in the kids’ room.

rabbit mirrow ferm living ss17

ferm LIVING SS17: Tableware


ferm LIVING has also designed two new placemats with a practical cork backside ensures the mat stays in place.


Tell me, what do you think about the collection? If you could choose anything 3 items in the new catalog, what would they be?

+ info: ferm LIVING