Finger in the Nose Spring Summer 2015

The most rebellious French kids’ clothing brand is Finger in the nose. This irreverent name includes an own rebel and genuine personality with lots of urban designs for trendy kids. The Spring-Summer 2015 collection is made of different textures, designs and a lot of colours different to those we expected. Let’s see it.




Designs for boys are created with strength and personality with sweatshirts, jackets and —of course— denim clothes which are one of the brand’s quality star products. Blue and grey are the chosen colours for them. We love baggy jeans, they are comfortable and suitable for every moment. We have simply fallen in love with their collection. In addition, they offer a huge choice of designs for boys who are often forgotten by other brands.

As far as girls are concerned, Finger in the nose suggestion includes their typical jeans, a black bomber jacket and metal texture garments. We can find simple designs like the printed shorts or basic T-Shirts.

Graphic art is —as well as the denim— one of the brand’s characteristic features. Original graphic designs printed on quality materials which create unique and stylish garments. This troublemaker and urban inspiration are mixed with classic trends to create a new concept of functional quality kids’ fashion.





This French brand offers modern and trendy garments, the culture and spirit of the present society.

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