Do you imagine creating the first shoes for your baby? That is possible! Baby shoes handmade for you.

First Baby Shoes is a Polish brand that designs high quality, cool and stylish baby shoe making kits. They use breathable natural leather as well as flexible, skid-resistant soles and cushioned insoles. For winter models, they add a warm lamb wool lining.

First Baby Shoes kits come in one size only (11.5 -12 cm) which is based upon the average size of first walkers. They are  so lightweight and soft!


Natural durable leather and high quality styrogum soles make First Baby Shoes perfect for first steps


  RIE are inspired by ethnic snow boots. Available in both red and green


All models are easy to sew and they also provide you with cotton shoelaces.  First Baby Shoes DIY kits come with a full set of instructions and everything else to create a pair of shoes

first-baby-shoes-footwear-for -babies

If you fancy yourself as a shoemaker, First Baby Shoes kits are a good option, with everything you need to make cool footwear for babies.

Shoe making can be a great way to express LOVE, wouldn’t you agree?

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