Do you remember the adorable baby shoe making kits from the Polish label First Baby Shoes? They turn you into the shoemaker you never knew you could be. Now, Karolina, designer and founder of First Baby Shoes, suggests us a new range of shoes for our babies and toddlers and has created a new line of moccasins.

Her moccasins are made with durable, yet super soft leather. All of them are handmade in Poland with great care and attention to details. For example, high-quality and breathable natural leather is combining with latex foam insoles for an even better protection of little feet.


Infants and toddlers crawl, walk, run and jump all day. If you want to ensure your children’s feet are well protected, pick their shoes carefully: high-quality shoes that also fit properly. These moccasins are easy to put on, easy to take off, and stay on your child’s foot.


There are three designs to choose from (Strap, Feather and Bow) in two colours: brown and blue. It’ll be hard to buy just one pair. They’re are so stylish and comfortable to wear!


To browse and shop the full range head over to the First Baby Shoes website