Flexa is one of the most famous brand as far as children’s furniture is concerned. Have you seen this cute high chair that Flexa has launched? We are in love with its functional Scandinavian design. They always bear in mind the evolution and the different periods in child’s development. It offers a longer product lifetime.

The Flexa high chair has received the German Design Award 2015 because of its attractive design, versatility and ergonomics. Its look is simple: adjustable legs and a seat with a cushion. But it also offers some details that make it perfect to be adapted to children’s growth.


It is a safe, stable and comfortable design provided that its pursue is offer the kids a great place to eat. The Flexa high chair is a multifunctional and long lasting design. This high chair can be used in five different ways. It can be a high chair, a chair to study in their room, or whatever they want. And its simple Scandinavian style is perfect for every room.


The high chair is included in Flexa Baby collection which has been created to be adapted to every period of child development. It also includes a changing table which can also be used as storage or a crib which can be turned into a bed.


This Scandinavian design furniture is attracting but when you know it better you realize that they are even better because of their functionality and adaptability. It’s a great investment! What do you think about Baby Flexa?

+info: Flexa