If you like themed kids’ rooms,  you will love this one. There are many themes that are repeated once and again in kids’ rooms, especially if they are linked to animals or nature, things that children love. So a kids’ room inspired by the forest is always a great option.

The first picture is a beautiful room styling that shows how you can design a forest-themed kids room with just a few details. The tree-shaped wallpaper is the main element and makes us feel as if we were in a fantastic woodland.  You only need to add a simple teepee and some fluffy animals for completing the decoration.

Kids Room Decor: Forest Animals 


This mural is very romantic and fills the room with fantasy, a perfect space for girls. So we think is a cool and funny idea. It has been shown by Vtwonen. You don’t need a lot to decorate the room, just some simple wooden furniture you will get an ideal look!

Mountain- Inspired Nursery


You can choose mountains for creating a themed kid’s room. Design Milk brings a nursery inspired by mountains but from a Nordic point of view. Wood is present in the wardrobe and it creates cute mountains and the floor. They have added an animal trophy and the furry blanket for created a serene and modern look.

Kids’ Room Inspiration: Some Rustic Touches


Mountain motif is usually shown on textiles, but you can also play with it adding some rustic touches to the room.  Thebooandtheboy has found a play room with a rustic style table, some wall stickers illustrate mountains and forest, and checkered textiles take us to the typical mountain refuges.

Kids Room Decor Ideas: Forest Inspired Walls


We can also decorate the walls with this inspiration and adding some details later. In this case, we can see a  room with a wallpaper full of trees and funny touches as some cushions with animal or forest motifs or the orange fox rug.