How to decorate your child’s room to make it more playful? There are many ways of adding a sense of fun to a little one’s room: painting the walls in new colours, making some DIYs or displaying cheerful artworks. One of the best is changing the bedding and accessories. Updating the look of your kid’s sleep space is simple, just open your eyes to the possibilities!

With the new range of bedding from Frankie & Frenchie, it’s easy to bring joy to the kid’s room. This Australian brand complements their lovely monochrome collection with a new range of playful kids bed sets and two new characters: Miss Meow and Bandit Bear. They share one thing in common…and that’s adventure!

“Miss Meow is outgoing, fearless and ready to prowl the night, while Bandit Bear, with his buoyant and happy-go-lucky self, is ready to take on the world. They are the perfect companion for your little ones to explore new things.”


Minnie and Dee are the girls behind Frankie & Frenchie. The brand was born out of a desire to create fun and quirky kids bedding. Their products are hand screen printed on 100% GOTS organic fabric and manufactured in Australia. You can find duvet sets, fitted sheets and cushions.

Let’s have a closer look!

Miss Meow


Here is a stylish kid’s bedding in black, white, grey and peach colours. This sweet cat is the perfect companion to your little one.

Bandit Bear


How fun is this print? Join him on an adventure of bike riding through the woods, building secret hideouts and sleeping among the stars.

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