Let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazingness of this Frida Kahlo doll by lelelerele. For sure, this new creation will become a treasured gift for Frida Kahlo fans but also a great way to discover her for lots of kids.

This small brand creates dolls and stuffed mohair animals that will bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees them. Frida Kahlo doll measures 26 cm and it’s made from super soft cotton, mohair and felt (and with much love).

“The beauty and ugliness is a mirage, because the others end up watching inside ourselves” Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo wasa very inspiring woman. We don’t need to be an art expert for recognizing her paints, full of life and personality. She is an icon of determination, strength and passion. This doll is a tribute to Frida’s life and artwork.

Who makes this adorable doll? Elena Sánchez is the creator behind lelelerele. Since she was a child she liked making things by hand. Although she has an educational background in Industrial Design, she chose to build her own handmade designs. She loves taking part of the complete process, from the initial idea to the last stitch. She also enjoys taking pictures and making the best of the trifles in life.

If you love the special things, made slowly and with lots of love, have a look at her website and discover this and more beauties (such as Benito the rabbit, or David Bowie doll).

+ info: Lelelererle