A picturesque lovely brand that invites you to play in a creative way. Forgetting stress and coming back to childhood to share your time with your children and their lovely time…This is the purpose!

What Can You Find?

Original designer toys created by Lenka Kupralova. She uses materials like wood or paper to create amazing games and toys that will wake up their creativity to make them dream like you did before. Crafts are the best way to spend time with kids while you stimulate them so the brand has designed lots of them to work together. What about their magnetic animal sets? They are simply lovely!

The main feature of this brand is its modern version of classic toys, this is something we really love! These unique pieces are a fantastic way to look back and remember those traditional toys!


Special designer toys inspired by traditional games. All of them are modern, stimulating and educational. The whole family is going to enjoy every single piece because of their colourful and lovely designs! This is a chance to have a rest, spend your time with your family and enjoy as you used to do when you was a kid. Magic is coming back with all these amazing creations!


The visual charge of the products will make you want them as part of your decoration! They are so nice…