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Getting ready to transition the nursery into a toddler-friendly bedroom? It’s the moment in time when kids are outgrowing their crib is a huge step in their life. It’s important to create a functional, safe and playful space. Why not mix soft textures, contemporary artwork and clean lines to design a bedroom that is as unique and fun as they are?

Today I show you Raffy’s room, the Chloeuberkid‘s son. Having seen this fun toddler room, you might want to implement some of their ideas.

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First, you need a bed that kids can get in and out of bed easily. In this case, Chloe chose the R toddler bed from Rafa-kids. It has a clean design and have some practical details like the wheels. The bed lifted from the ground with the aim of using the space under for smart storage.

Complete your toddler room with a fun kid’s bedding. Now you can a wide range of brands that produce bed linen for kids with plain-coloured or with vibrant, bold patterns, It’s hard to choose!

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Often, toddlers play on the floor, so you need a comfortable rug or carpet. The OYOY Adventure rug, made from 100% cotton, will lead your young one on many adventures over windy roads, through forests and teepees, all from the comfort of your home. 

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Using children’s books in kid’s rooms or playrooms is one way to introduce a kid to literature. It also can be a fun, imaginative way to decorate. I’m sure you’ve lots of them! Shelves and baskets are perfect to storage toys, magazines and books and keep the room organize.

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Artworks are a must for any kids room. Create a beautiful space for your toddler with simple, contemporary prints. Chloe selected ‘Rabocop’ by Miniwilla and ‘This Ship Has Sailed Poster’ by Pax & Hart to add a splash of colours to the bedroom.

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Some items you’ve seen at this room:

Prints by Pax and Hart and Miniwilla
Rug by Oyoy Design
Lampshade by I love Frankie
Bedding by Sack Me and By Graziela
Blocks by PeachyBaby
Sweatshirt by Gardner and The Gang
Fox garland by Velveteen Babies
Bolt light by Fromage La Rue.

+ info: La petite magazine