When we think of refreshing a room, we usually think of re-painting the walls or changing the small decorations like cushions and bedding. An often overlooked way is to refresh the floors.

With wooden floors, there are lots of ways to paint them to add a bit of fun and we especially like this idea for a kids room. By refreshing the floors, the whole room takes on a new look.  And if the floorboards are already looking a bit worn in your kid’s room, they’ll get a new lease of life without needing to be replaced.

We often think of colour blocking walls, but how about colour blocking the floors like in the room pictured above?  That room is shared by 3 siblings so the colour blocked floors are such a fun and clever way to mark out each siblings space. The floor looks great and it’s a great way to divide up a room when it’s shared between two or more kids.

With painted floors, you can be as creative as you like. Nothing is off limits from little drawings to vintage patterns to painting the whole floor. Here are some more ideas for painting your wooden floors:

If colour blocking doesn’t appeal, how about a sea of glossy pink?  Or any colour you like.  In this room, we’re loving the striking and playful contrast of the pink and yellow.  But if not pink, what colour floor would work in your kid’s room? Blue, green, grey, lilac? This idea can work for any colour under the sun.

These old floorboards have been given a very eye-catching paint treatment with this diamond check pattern. This is of course ideal for a vintage style kids room but we think it would look stunning when matched with modern furniture too. It will take a little time and effort to achieve this look but it would be oh so worth it! And if not red, you could try a soft grey, a bold black or even a sunny yellow pattern.

For a really unusual touch, how about painting a little something fun on your kids floors like these crawling ants. Of course, it doesn’t have to be ants – it could be airplanes, cars, flowers, leaves or anything at all. This is simple to do on any wooden floor and adds a really unique touch to your kid’s room.

Do you think you’ll have a go at painting your kid’s floors?

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