Playing during the whole day. This is what most of kids would answer if we asked them what they would like to do. For this reason, we love the  idea of a perfect playroom for them. It ‘s an own space to keep their toys, plenty of fun and with their own rules. In addition, if it’s so cool we are sure you are going to get some ideas…


This playroom is the perfect place to get some inspiration. It has been created by Petite Vintage Interiors, a brand founded by Belinda, a mother with two girls who loves interior design and decoration; you can find her on her Instagram profile.

Her spaces are so successful that they have become a kids’ design reference in Australia. This is not strange because we love everything, from the great rug with geometric patterns to the storage baskets, the amazing flower mural or the wooden house to have a rest…

What does a playroom need? Everything you can see here: a functional storage space, places to play on the floor, their own space to read or play houses and a table where they can perform all their creativity.


This brand works with a soft vintage style that is loved by both kids and adults. Pastel tones are a trend and they match the geometric motifs on the walls. Everything is colourful but with soft ones so it’s not too much. There is a lot of space to play. As you can see, Petite Vintage mixes functionality and style, that’s a great combination!

The children’s mural catches all our attention as soon as we come into the room. It has been created by Beneath the Sun, an Australian brand which performs this kind of artworks. All these colours and fun are perfect to make them feel like artists who create their most original ideas in this workspace. This happy atmosphere is felt by everybody so we love this idea, even to be performed in any other room!

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