We are sure you will come back to your childhood as soon as you see this great playpen! The structures created by the Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam are amazing! You won’t only take photos, you will have a wonderful day with children!

How many times have you passed in front of a playpen thinking how wonderful it would be if you could use those sledges and swings again? You are not the only one. Playpens are magical places where everything is amusing. Nowadays you can see sophisticated ideas, lots of safety measures and every kind of materials but all of them have the same purpose: Enjoying swings’ movement and every has fun with strange structure.


However, we have realized this artist has gone beyond it. She is always surprising both kids and adults. We have never seen anything like this. Her structures are plenty of art and creativity that everybody loves!


The funny thing here is that Toshiko created these structures as a work to be exhibited. She did not think about kids’ spontaneity. During an exhibition in Rome, some kids broke the rules and discovered what the author did not see…it was a wonderful playpen for them! After that, she decided to offer a public use of her work, much more functional. Her work turned into something new in a natural way.



It’s amazing thinking that these textile playpens are made only with crochet techniques and —of course— lots of patience that wraps this 74 year-old author. Every piece is handmade by her. She waves with the final idea in her mind. We have never thought that something as simple as crochet could create such a spectacular work.

If you have the chance to see these pieces, enjoy with kids. They will spend all the time swinging on the hanging balls, jumping on the inflatable floats and climbing the webs. The fun never ends and, furthermore, it is a great physical exercise. Playpens always try be amusing for everyone, this is the matter here.



via Yorokobu