Parents have always to find the most functional furniture to their children bedrooms. They grow up very fast and they need some adaptation. If you don’t want to spent lots of money changing their bedroom you must choose quality functional furniture which can be adapted to their needs.

The furniture by Dot and Cross is perfect for these changing periods. Some elements of this furniture must be pointed out because they are perfect for parents who practise intelligent shopping, bearing in mind the future needs.

Convertible crib is really cute, with its soft forms and pastel tones which you will love while they are babies. The best part is that you can remove the wooden part when they grow up to turn it into an elegant sofa to their bedroom. Great!



On the other hand, you will find space-saver children’s beds. You can use them as bunk beds putting a mattress on the upper part, leaving a playing space under it. You can also place two beds saving lots of space.


Another piece of furniture we love a lot is the working desks which can be adapted to several heights. Furthermore, the top of the table can also be placed as a canvas to put their pictures or just to play.



They also offer wardrobes and shelves. All of them in soft tones and round shapes, specially designed for kids.  In addition, you will also find some lively tones because Dot and Cross’ designers also love them. Whatever, they are they show us kids’ furniture which combines perfectly with cool Nordic atmospheres that create rooms plenty of peace and good taste.

+info: Dot and Cross