Furniture must be functional but also beautiful and easy to adapt to every decoration. This is what parents ask when they want to decorate a kids’ room. This is what the Dutch shop Coming Kids offers: simple furniture with pure lines and different tones from natural wood to black or white.

Their designs are suitable for every space and-furthermore-they have some lovely matching complements and textiles!


As you can see, they take advantage of every centimeter to get useful furniture. In addition, they show a Nordic style which can be combined with almost every complement: garlands, textiles wicker baskets. If you want to get a little study space, you can get it with these pieces and with an extra storage space!


One of the best things about this shop is that they present their cute furniture in a very stylish way. They give us lots of ideas to combine them in order to get an amazing children’s room. Pastel tones are great and you can even decorate the whole wall with wall stickers if you want to do it!


This piece of furniture is one of the most interesting. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, but you can organize lots of things in it, from hangers to their clothes to drawers and shelves. To sum up: it has everything.  It’s one of the most useful changing tables we have ever seen. Furthermore, it can be turned into an office piece or into a shelf. What about that lamp with rustic touches? It’s also by Coming Kids, one of those small details to be combined.


This wardrobe shows the same simple style so it’s suitable for their room when they grow up and need more space. This little armchair is also wonderful, specially designed for them.


Cribs are really simple with neutral and light tones. You will also find blankets or even mosquito nets, they have everything! Do you want to combine it with the changing table?


Finally, here you are a little bed with lots of personality. These funny stairs take them to their own space and can also be used as a reading space. This is only a sample of everything that you will find in the shop. Lots of décor ideas to fall in love with!

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