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Harmony is one of the most extended beauty standards; maybe, this is the reason why we are so attracted by geometrical prints. Furthermore, these prints have become in one of the trendiest keys for kids’ rooms and we can see them in textiles, toys or even walls. Do you dare to update your children’s room with geometrical walls?

Although we are talking about geometrical patterns, symmetry is not always required. We can, of course, mention their clean lines: triangles, diamonds or pentagons are some of the shapes we can find on the walls. If you want to get a total effect, add pieces with more geometrical patterns, like some square shelves to be combined with striped cushions. We have proved that chaos can also be beautiful!


Via Ministyleblog

Painting walls with colour patterns which are mixed although they are not perfect is also an inspiring idea because they provide lots of movement and enliven the wall. Sometimes, kids’ atmospheres can be too restrained or boring, dare to use those bright colours! As you can see, you can match the colours with textiles to get a perfect result. In this case, pastel tones are the focus of attention. Remember that soft aesthetics is really trendy!

Kids’ Decoration: Triangles!


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Triangles are a common option we can find in many rooms and we like it because it provides a lot of possibilities. You can create a wall with colour triangles which will provide a “party look” if you turn these triangles into mountains you obtain one of the must trends of the Nordic style.

Pastel tones, bright colours or black and white, geometrical prints are the new inspiration we have followed. What about you?