When children begin recognizing some letter and can read the first words by themselves, they don’t only look at the books and magazines, they want to read everything: store flags, advertising on shop windows, street signs…

Suddenly they can understand a lot of messages around them, and their world becomes wider. Reading and writing is the beginning of a great and exciting adventure in their life.

Today I bring you a collection of letters that can be found in everyday objects: clothes, toys, decorative accessories…and surely will appeal to young readers and pre-readers (aren’t letters the stroke of a line and a space?).

Christmas is just around the corner, here are eight great gifts for little kids.

Playingwith letters3

1. Wear me out T-shirt by Anthony Peters for The Fableist and Tiny Alphabet by TINY Berlin’s Anne Postrach. All the products are available at The cool heads (the best t-shirts there).

2. Young one sweatshirt from Young One Apparel. This California-based brand makes great pieces inspired by music and fashion.

3. ABC poster from En las Nubes. If you like black & white decor, take a look at all their proposals.

Playing- with-letters

4. ABC Kids collection by Arne and Tobias Jacobsen. Possibly the most stylish and educational dinnerware in the world. Get it on Kmfamily (you’ll find lots of fun gifts and well-designed products for kids on this shop).

5. Alphabet blocks from Areaware. Build your own letterscape! This toy is perfect for the font enthusiast. Abacus kids has a selection of great playthings!

6. Hello pillow case from bildschœnesdesign on Dawanda. This pillow may be a lovely way of saying “you are most welcome”.

7. Knitted Hi Baby blanket from Yarning Made. This cosy blanket announces baby to the world!

Picture at the top of this post: Alphabet puzzle from progettincorso on Etsy (Discovered thanks to Deborah Beau).