How many hours have we spent on Instagram! There are addictive profiles because their photos shows a lovely kids’ love. This is the case of @mreiness. This Danish mum creates pastel atmospheres to fill everything, we share the space with her daughter Nessa and the cat Leika and get lots of inspiration.



She defines her style as Nordic and vintage and there is no doubt we can find elements of both styles in all her pictures like those soft tones, which are really romantic (the sweet dolls and mobiles from Ilka are perfect for this nursery style). Furthermore, we can appreciate tiny details that make us stop to know where has she purchased those great soft toys, the kids’ prints or the banners. There’s a wonderful source of inspiration on Instagram!

Another nice thing is that combination of grey and light pink tones. It’s the perfect match to change black and white. It helps us to create a peaceful atmosphere in the kids’ room.



The pictures we see are taken in her own home, they are part of the ideas to decorate little Nessa’s nursery. Even the clothes seem to be combined with the decoration with those pink tones and the soft flower print. These are only some examples of the ideas you can find on this Danish mum’s Instagram profile which follows Nordic style.


We have already seen a lot of beautiful things like the  bunny soft toys that seem to be handmade, the wooden toys or the functional storage ideas. What’s your favourite element?

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