That’s a chair but a special chair! Thanks to creative people who spend their time inventing and developing new projects like Francesco, architect, partner at the company Nimio, and father of a girl called Rita. He visited the children’s store Gluck, proposed them to create a children’s special chair and…they simply did it!


Francesco thought about a chair, but not any chair, a chair which was several things at the same time, with a nice design and a very careful and handmade production. This was the origin of glücksstuhl, the lucky chair. The resulting object is wonderful:  A chair designed for kids from 1. I t is also a walker and a blackboard where they can draw. It has a drawer to keep their secrets and two little eyes to hide things.


To sum up, it’s a chair, a little blackboard with two wholes to play and a drawer to keep secrets… you can pull it and drag it everywhere. Today we have play a lot so…ta ta for now!

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