Baby clothes are really special as they don’t only need to be cute but also safe to protect our helpless little ones while they start to learn and explore reality around them. Of course, quality is a crucial element but an intelligent design has also a great role to play. GoBabyGo is the perfect combination of all these concepts. This brand knows how to create cool and trendy garments specially designed to protect them from the typical accidents (such as slipping on smooth surfaces), providing them with more confidence to face their development in a better way.

Rubber pads on the knees, under the feet and on the toes are included in those designs whose main purpose is to improve your kids’ motor skills while they offer them a fearless learning process where they feel confident and free of damages. This will also mean a significant improvement in their social and academic skills as they get more independence from the beginning.

Every single piece is designed in Denmark and produced in Europe according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which is an extra guarantee of security. In addition, soft stretch cotton is the key to offer them a great mobility so they just have to enjoy all their discoveries!

Do you suffer every time your child is crawling? Are you worried about his/her soft knee is on the floor? Well, these knee pads will keep it safe! Furthermore, they are really easy to use and —of course— really comfortable!

Grey is a good option because it’s stylish and totally unisex. But, as you can see, there are other beautiful colours (blue or pink) to combine with your little one’s outfit! Leggings, socks, knee pads…you just have to choose your favourite one!

GoBabyGo (as its name shows) doesn’t only offer socks and knee pads but a chance to help your baby to enjoy and learn by his/her own, providing them all the confidence and independence they need to grow up and, yes,  it will also help you to relax every time they want to come running across the corridor!

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