Green walls

You can use your child’s favourite colour to decorate their room, what ever colour that may be!

Children are colourful little creatures. Even from an early age they can have quite strong opinions about what colours should be used to decorate their room. If you have never asked your child about their thoughts on colour it is worth asking. You may be pleasantly surprised by their answers! However in some cases their choice of colours may differ dramatically from the colours you would choose to use in their space.

Over the next few weeks here at Petit and Small we are going to look at the common colours your child may wish to incorporate into their space. We will look at the effect these colours can have on a room. As well as looking at how you can include, whatever colour your child chooses, to ensure both children and parents are satisfied with the overall scheme.

Going Green!

Green is the colour of nature. It is fresh, peaceful and relaxing. Green creates balance and harmony and is very soothing on the eye. As a result green is a great colour to use in any type of children’s space, but particularly in a kid’s bedroom. It is gender neutral and can be used with a variety of other colours to create a calm, welcoming environment for the littlest people in the family. It can be used on all of the walls in a room, as a feature wall or introduced purely in accessories to add little pops of green throughout the space.

Which shade of green?

Different shades of green can affect the overall feel of the space. Shades of green with a yellow base, such as olive green and lime green, can bring a warmer feel to a room. Whilst blue based greens, such as mint green and aqua or teal, tend to be cooler.

Pale greens can be used as a neutral colour, giving the room a light, calm and peaceful feel. They are ideal for children of any age, but especially in a nursery. Pale greens look fantastic when combined with warm wood or natural colours.

Pale green room

Brighter greens create a more energising and vibrant space. This makes theses shades perfect for playrooms as well as bedrooms. If using in a bedroom add plenty of neutral colours and wood tones, in the flooring, furniture and accessories so that the space remains calm enough to encourage sleep!

Green jungle room

Green cactus wallpaper

If painting all of the walls in a brighter shade shade of green fills you with dread,  then opt for neutral walls and add a green feature wall, half painted wall or green accessories. You child will be delighted that you have incorporated their favourite colour even in small quantities. A feature wall is easier to live with from a parents point of view, and can very easily be updated to another colour once green is out of fashion!

Half green wall

Green accessories

Darker greens create a more dramatic feel. These colours can make a space feel elegant and cosy. However deep shades of green are not for everyone, so consider introducing a deep shade of green as a fabulous feature walls or as accessories.

Dark green feature wall

Combine with wood and natural textures.

Green is the colour of nature. As a result it sits perfectly alongside wooden furniture, natural rugs, textiles and plants. Adding whites, neutrals or even different shades of green will also add interest into the room.

Green can also be combined beautifully with many other colours. Adding accessories in pink, blue, yellow, red , black or grey for example allows the room to be updated without great expense and effort.


Pink and green

Green and yellow


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