Us parents often talk about downtime before bed.  A time when our kids can be calm and wind down for bed.  After all, we all want our kids to get the most restful sleep and this is only possible when they’re not too stimulated at bedtime. Creating a bedroom that is a calming haven is one great way to make sure your kids are relaxed at bedtime. The colour that does this best is grey — not just grey accents but a room where the dominant colour is grey.

Using soft grey tones works for boys and girls alike and also it’s a colour that your kids won’t outgrow. Not only does it create a calming space, it’s very practical too. Creating a grey room isn’t too hard either. I’ve gathered some pictures of beautifully simple and serene gray rooms to inspire you.

The first one pictured at the top has a matching medium toned grey wall with a very similar coloured bed, giving you a sea of grey. This look can be achieved with not much more than a pot of paint — paint the wall and paint whatever bed you currently have in the same colour.


This room uses a lot of different shades of grey from very light to dark. But the darker greys are used as accents and it’s the softer greys that dominate. It’s a very simple room with a look that anybody can achieve but yet it’s so stunning.


This room again uses lots of different grey tones but again the main colours are the softer greys.  The room shows us that grey can be as playful and fun as you want, which is ideal for younger children.  Those sweet grey posters and wall stickers add such a dreamy feel to this gorgeous grey room.


Here is yet another way to create a calming grey room.  If painting the walls grey isn’t for you, then consider lots and lots of grey decor in different shades.  This room has a grey rug, grey ceiling decoration, grey bedding, grey art and even a grey canopy.  It all comes together so beautifully and this room is truly ageless.


Natural wood tones go so well with grey. They are a great way of adding warmth to a grey room. Like in the room above, those two storage baskets look great with the soft grey walls.   If not storage baskets, a natural wood desk, a bed or chair will work really well too.

One of the best parts of decorating in grey is that you can’t go wrong. Just throw in lots of different shades of grey, keeping the main shade soft and light, add a few natural wood touches and you will end up with a calming and very stylish room for your kids. What do you think?  Are you in love with grey yet?

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