Kids need to play. Having a space to do it it’s maybe the best idea we can have. A space to be covered with all their toys! These won’t be in the rest of the house and, in addition, kids will have their own special corner. Today we bring you some of those spaces where every single detail is considered. Small and big ideas to inspire us.

Using the Corners


I really like this atmosphere. It’s a clear example of playroom. Light is a must and it’s present thanks to the window. Warm tones invite to play. But be careful and don’t use too many prints. The use of corners and walls is really interesting. The biggest toys and furniture are placed in a perfect way in which they can be used when kids require it.

White Contrasts in Spaces to Play in


As we have previously mentioned, light is very important in playrooms. In this case, it has been placed near an important source of light and the room is completely painted with white. White is not only useful to light but also to get a wonderful contrast with all their colourful toys.

A Place with Many Rugs


Rugs are warm. If our children love to spend time on the floor, they are crucial in the playroom. This kid’s room is also really interesting, not only because of the colour, which is evident but also because of the use of several rugs which will provide a more comfortable time during cold months.

Tents and Chalkboard Walls


We can’t see many details from this atmosphere, however, those shown are really inspiring. It’s a special corner with a tent, an updated tee pee which will provide your little one with the perfect refuge to imagine many stories. The background shows a chalkboard wall…Is there any better option to create their own scenery?

Reduced Spaces Properly Used


Maybe you don´t have a very big bedroom or and independent playroom. However, there is every kind of solutions. A big bookcase with a vintage look in which you can keep every kind of toys. The bottom part is used to store books which are complemented with a chair to read their favourite stories. There’s no doubt that it’s a magical corner in every kid’s room.

Images via: IkeaInstagramsusannasverdenlokolokoweheartitthegracetales