This brand, based in Amsterdam, creates organic apparel for kids. Emily Gray designs them for babies and kids from 0 to 8, trying to offer them an alternative to the “overloaded universe of bright colours”.

The main feature of Gray Label is simplicity and minimalism. Their quality selection of materials is a guarantee for parents who are worried about kids’ safety.


What Can You Find? 

They create simple and quality clothes for kids. This brand offers, contemporary, timeless and unisex basic pieces which are created with 100%organic fabrics, this is a great advantage, especially if we are talking about baby clothes whose skins needs extra comfort, don´t you think?

Their collection consists of a year round-line and also includes some seasonal additions that prove that basics are not boring at all. They can also be trendy and, of course, really cute!


We love their commitment to quality and organic materials but we must also mention Emily Gray’s thrill. Her love and talent sews those great pieces of clothing. It’s like she created them for her own kid. We really appreciate it and our little ones will enjoy all this carefulness!


If you visit their webpage you will also find some lovely products like a teepee tent or fashion magazines like Milk or Papier Maché. There’s also a blog plenty of interesting brands and found to fall in love!