Blue is probably the most popular colour for a boy’s room. But today we are sharing some green rooms as a alternative to blue.  So if you want something a little different for your boys, green could be the choice for you.

Green is quite a strong colour but there are so many shades of green to choose from. From soft minty greens to deep, dark greens and everything in between.  If you love all shades of green then why not mix up lots of different shades of it like the room above? There is practically every shade of green in this room but it’s all used in moderation and it comes together so beautifully. This room is full of inspiration for an all green room that is very fresh and stylish.

There are many different ways of doing green from subtle hints to bright hits of green. Here are some more green boys rooms to inspire you:

We are loving the pop of bright green in this room, which works as it’s balanced out with very dark greens and lots of white. Too much bright green and it could become overpowering but when balanced like in this room, it looks striking.

From bright green to a deeper, darker green. This three-quarter painted green wall works so well in this boys room. Even though the entire width of the wall is painted in dark green, the thick strip of white at the top ensures that the green doesn’t look too dark or heavy. And of course, the chalkboard idea is so fun too.

Nothing beats minty green which is one shade of green that goes with so many other colours.We’re loving the combo of minty green and monochromes like in the room above. If not the walls, painting a large piece of furniture is a great way to add a big splash of minty green to a room.

In this room, we have lots of green with that dinosaur wallpaper but it is still quite subtle. We’re loving the green nature feel of this room which is further enhanced with a real plant.  A low maintenance plant is always a good way to add a touch of natural green to a kids room.

Are you tempted to try green for your boy’s room?

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