This Dutch brand firmly believe that Green must be a key concept in kids’ life. They have created “the greenest troller” in the world. Environment is an important concept they consider in every single step of they production process. This is why we love them!


What Can You Find?

All their products guarantee the care of environment. This is what they explain on their site: “Greentom products are 100% green. All frames are sustainable. The fabrics are entirely made out of recycled drinking bottles. We assemble all over the world. That limits the impact of shipping. It also means your stroller is made from natural and recycled sources nearby. And it stimulates local economies!” Their commitment, their design and the quality of their products are simply wonderful.

You can choose among lots of colours and options according to your needs. They know what kids require and they simply offer them to their parents.


All the products have proudly been designed by Bart Bost. Dutch design is one of the most characteristic features of this brand where tradition and functionality have been combined to create this eco-friendly stroller. 100% green, 100% great!


As soon as your baby grow up, you can return the pieces to the Company in order they can reuse them. Lovely, don´t you think? Let’s take care of the planet, let´s enjoy Greentom!