When somebody likes his/her job results are always great. GretaBarcelona is the perfect example of it. A mum with a project in mind who turns it into a reality with her family support and the inspiration of her little ones…The final result must be as good as GretaBarcelona!

The brand’s development took place during this mum’s free times while their little ones were sleeping, those magic moments were perfect to look for the best and most special products for this great adventure!



Their range of products is really complete, from fashion to décor, bath or kitchen items to toys; everything is carefully selected to match the brand’s trendy and functional style. Designers from all over the world are gathered in this amazing shop which tries to offer all their talent to cover kids’ daily life with great taste and beauty.


There’s a chic touch in every single product that makes us fall in love once and again with them!  Fashion section is plenty of comfortable and functional garments and if we take a look at the décor section…WOW! There are lots of cool pieces to create one of those magic spaces we show on the blog, those little details that turn a space into a charming room!


But if there’s something to mention is that all their pieces seem to be chosen by a mum for her own kids as it is like that. Every single piece has its own soul with little pieces of family, love, thrill, dreams and, of course, Barcelona where the family lives and the project was launched.


Greta Barcelona is a family project to prove that everything is possible if you have the suitable support of your beloved ones!

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