There are so many possible colour combinations to choose from for a kids room, apart from the more common pinks, blues and whites.  One of our current favourites is grey and green.  When we went looking for inspiration to share with you, we were surprised as how under used this colour combo is. It’s such a beautiful choice so hopefully, these rooms will inspire more people to go for it.

Grey and green works for either sex or for a shared room.  But more than that, there is something very calming about these two colours together.  And there is so much choice in the shades you can choose from  – dark and moody greys and greens to brighter and lighter tones.  You can also mix it up with other colours or keep the colour palette to just these two colours.  There is no right or wrong way to do grey and green; it’s whatever works for you and your home.  It’s also a colour scheme that your kids won’t outgrow in a hurry and we’re all for decor that grows with your child.

In the room pictured above, we have dark and dreamy shades of grey mixed with a muted sea green and natural greenery from the plants. These shades look really stylish together and create a cosy and inviting space for any kid.

Here are some more grey and green rooms to get ideas from:

If you like to keep things light and bright, a colour combo of minty greens and pale greys go together like a dream. There is a softness about both these pale colours that comes together to create a sweet and pretty space for boys, girls or babies.

One of the best parts of using a grey and green colour combo is that you can easily mix it with lots of other colours, like in this room above where we have pops of pink in a range of different shades. There is plenty of green in a few different tones on the wallpaper and then we have a big splash of grey from the wardrobe.  This all combines beautifully with the wood and pink tones.

Yet another idea is to combine soft, minty greens with dark grey.  This creates a very dramatic look because of the big contrast between the two colours. In the room above a lot of the furniture is painted in a soft green plus there are minty green accents dotted around the room but the rest of the room is dark grey.  So if you like a bold look, this is the grey-green colour combo for you. You could also flip it and choose a deep, dark green combined with soft, pale greys.

Finally, if you prefer a more minimal look, you can opt for greys with grey-greens like in the room above.  Green with a grey tint is a great option for a wall colour or for painting furniture. It’s an absolutely timeless colour that is so pleasing to the eye and it seamlessly fits with any shade of grey.

Which grey-green colour combo appeals to you the most?

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