Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit


In the spring of 2013, as she was about to become a big sister, we set about creating a brand new ‘big girl room’ for our daughter Eloise: a room that would spark her two-year-old imagination, but that could grow and evolve with her as she got older.

Now she is six, and we are happy to say that she is just as excited about her bedroom as she was four years ago – and a few little accessory changes aside, no major re-decoration needed!

We have always believed that when it comes to children’s rooms, colour and accessories are key. By keeping the walls and furniture simple and neutral, you can pick out your favourite cushions, prints and decorations that will add colour and character whilst starting to tell a story of their very own.

In Eloise’s room, we decided that the walls and furniture would be grey and white, with contrasting pops of bright neon through the accessories to add a splash of fun and energy to the room that would reflect Eloise’s personality, and that she would love, too.


Pictured above: Cloud, star and unicorn cushions, Mause and Bunty knitted soft toys, Ricepuffy grey medium cushion and bright pink pom pom storage basket, all from Bobby Rabbit.

When we first designed the layout of the room, we split it into three areas; ‘sleep corner’, ‘den corner’ and ‘play space’. We chose the grey and white cloud wallpaper and bird light to help define the den corner and separate it from the rest of the room. Although we have since replaced the den with a desk, the wallpaper still works just as well by giving the zone its own identity:


Pictured above: Cloud wallpaper by Farg & Form, ceramic bird light by Alma’s Room, Mr Penguin balloon art print by Showler & Showler, desk, chair and storage bins from Ikea, accessories and toys from Bobby Rabbit.

Over by the bed, we built shelving into the alcove, which provides an invaluable space for storing books and displaying favourite toys whilst doubling up as a bedside table:


Pictured above: Joseph bunny lamp, light box and letter set, ‘Little Treasure’ print, ‘Be Happy’ print, bright pink woodland doll, cat doll and Ernest crocodile soft toy, all from Bobby Rabbit.


Pictured above: Joseph bunny lamp by Rose in April, available at Bobby Rabbit.

Over by the window, the play space used to contain a little white table where Eloise could draw, colour, do jigsaws, build blocks and have pretend tea parties. Nowadays, she loves to do gymnastics, so the table has gone and the middle of her room is a space where she can practise her handstands and cartwheels!


The result is a fun, vibrant space that can grow with Eloise right into teens. By simply refreshing the accessories, it is possible to change the look and feel of your child’s room however you wish, but without a big expense.

Of course, her room doesn’t always look like this, but we have made sure that there are plenty of storage boxes, bags and baskets (including underneath the bed!) to tidy away all the toys at the end of the day.

For more storage and decoration ideas, take a look at our shop, where you will find a hand-picked selection of timeless toys, books and room accessories (and room ideas that we have created) that will help to make your child’s space magical and memorable for years to come.



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