Halloween is coming and it’s time to think about a cool costume to scare everybody. If you need some inspiration to get an original look, Pinterest is your place. Today we show you some of the ideas you can find on this site where creativity is shared by everybody. What a fright! You won’t be able to choose!

Baby Halloween Costumes


Croissant Costume

Who says that babies can’t be even sweeter? Look at this delicious boy! Oh, Happy Day! Brings this little one directly from Paris with his chic mum taking care of him. We are sure you are becoming the focus of attention!



And what about a bat costume? What an easy way to create a complete Halloween look!! Just some black clothes and cardboard and you can create a lovely bat!

Beetle Baby Costume


Another costume idea from Oh Happy Day blog. We only can say that those girls are really genius! This costume is especially adorable for the crawling baby in your life, don’t you think?

Kid’s Halloween Costumes




Mime Costume

We are sure your kids have a stripped T-Shirt (it’s a must in every wardrobe), add black trousers and some makeup and you will get a chic mime costume, you can customize the face, do you prefer a happy or a scary one? Some red lipstick will be the final touch!

 Retro TV Costume


OMG! Have you seen that costume? It’s simply brilliant! What a funny idea! A carton box and some colourful paper sheets are enough to create this cool and crazy costume.

Pacman Costume

diy-halloween-kids-pac-man-costume Via

Turn Halloween night into a game, we are sure Pacman will find lots of ghosts to eat!

Lipstick Costume

halloween-lipstick-costume Via

Once again, Oh Happy Day! Inspires us with their mad ideas. WOW! The giant lipstick is coming to keep all our attention, it’s the most charming costume we have ever seen!

Plant Costume



HA,HA,HA! We can’t stop laughing! A walking plant will scare everyone in your Halloween Party!

Cotton Candy Costume



Sweet, sweet, sweet, this is the perfect word to describe these easy and amazing costume!! Can you resist the temptation!

The Day The Crayons Quit Costume


Wow! What clever and stylish costumes inspired by ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’ by Drew Daywalt and illustrations by Oliver Jeffers. You only need solid colored clothing basics, cardstock matching ribbon and black felt.

DIY Ideas to Create Halloween Accessories



Newspaper and Cardboard Witch Hat

This is the most typical Halloween element, even if they don’t want to dress up, a simple hat will add that spooky touch they need! Some newspapers and cardboard and, HOCUS POCUS! a wonderful witch hat appears for you!

Angel Wings Made with Plates


Some plates perfectly placed and a gold touch will be transformed into cute angel wings!

Clown Hat

easy-clown-costume  Via

Maybe you prefer this fun – –and also easy— clown hat, some colourful clothes will complete the look to become the funniest clown!

Do you have a favourite one? All these costumes are so cute that we want to try all! Don’t worry you still have time to decide!

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