Sometimes, we don’t have time enough to do things carefully. At least, this “DIY TREND” is catching more and more people so we can relax and enjoy the process. If you were thinking about wrapping, your present in a traditional way we offer you a very creative way to do it.

Would you like a customized and handmade paper to wrap your presents in an original way? You can do it with a simple plain paper. You just need some specific craft materials to get a beautiful pattern or you also can try to do it by yourself.


You just need some wrapping paper in light tones, a green marker as well as acrylic paint in several colours and brushes with different sizes. Finally, you will also need an ink pad to design the pattern. You can get them at craft shops (you will find lots of different models).

Once we have the material, we can create the papers we show you. On the one hand, the spot made with ink pads with different sizes. Use several colours to create a cute paper which is suitable for every age.



The other suggestion shows the Christmas lights. You can use the green marker to draw the wires with funny shapes. Then add the lights with the acrylic paint and one of the ink pads. You can use metallic paint to create original designs.

Now, you just have to wrap every present with your customized paper. Proud of your creation and happy with the great time you spent creating it. This kind of things shows how careful we have been with every single detail and it is also an entertaining experience to avoid the daily stress.

Join DIY culture!

+info: marthastewart