Now kids have a lot to study so parents want to have everything prepared in their studying área.A good lighting is essential because it will help them to study and do their homework at every time without damaging their eyes. But when we are choosing the elements for their room we always want something apart from functionality (especially mums).

Bearing this in mind, the brand Leanter, located in Estonia, has created original kids’ lamps. Looking for inspiration in the natural world, they have designed some giraffe-shaped pieces which are easily recognisable. They remind us the Gone’s lamps which are inspired by animals. They consider that the object you buy must be functional but also attractive as an extra value.


These lamps are completely handmade so they are exclusive because they are artisan’s pieces created by somebody who is really interested in every step of the process. The body is made of birch wood, the lamp is made of aluminium which is wrapped by a bright colour and the wire is covered with the same colour.



Inspiration is everywhere and can be found at any moment and Leanter knows that. This lamp inspired by animals appeared when one of them was looking at one of those amazing pictures of the savannah with great giraffes. Their shapes were perfect to create a lamp. It´s not the first time they get inspiration from nature because it´s plenty of diversity and beauty.

These lamps are available on Etsy and they can be sent to any country. We think is a really original detail to add some colour to a Scandinavian kids’ room or a studying area.

What do you think about them?

Via Butterflyfish