Children enjoy listening again and again a story, playing with tales’ characters and also hugging their stuffed doll or soft toy. Could you imagine being able to hug your favourite folktales’ character?  With MOOiIesBONITO handmade cushions-toys, children can hug, imagine and play with them.

MOOIesBONITO brings folktales to life from a contemporary perspective. With these cushions-dolls, children can explore the magic and wonder of storytelling with fairytales in a creative way. They will be able to recreate the story, but also change the ending, the characters, the argument…according to their imagination and needs.



Ana, the creator of MOOIesBONITO, chose two classic stories: The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. However, she has introduced some little changes (take a look at the eldest little pig).


All the drawings are made by Vireta, who knew perfectly interpret the spirit of the project. They are colorful, playful and sweet!

mooiesbonito-three-pigs-soft-dolls mooiesbonito-little red riding hood

The Wolf, the youngest little pig, the Hunter…Here are all these lovely cushion – dolls! Now you just have to pick out a character and start to play. All of them are available in small and large size. Select which better suit your kids’ needs and taste!