Once upon a time, one girl (Kate ‘Akatombo’ Gurska) found a piece of cloth, a small sharp needle and colorful threads. This is how the stitched Woodland Tale came to this world. Today we’re loving these cute soft toys: rabbits, foxes, bears, raccoons or birds…

They are hand-stitched and have beautifully embroidered details.  These woodland creatures are soft and kind, they will become a sweet guardian of dreams for your little one. So you can transform your baby nursery into a forest full of animal friends.



Kate’s work is inspired by nature and everything woodland. And also, modern Japan, their lifestyle, the way they see things. Old houses full memories and secrets. Mooning over dreamy photography, minimal watercolors and simple graphic designs.



At Woodland Tale shop, you will find lovely and very sweet graphic fabric toys and dolls, woodland-themed accessories but also cutest hand carved stamps. Check it out!

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